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After my first few Campaings


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Hello dear reader, make sure to have your brain on because my writing skills are terribel.


Imma hold it as short as possibel:


I like how the game overall plays, its really nice, it could have a more dirty look to it but well. Many details i really enjoy, i like the units etc. but well lets get into the things i would do diffrent.

Things which should be improoved:

- The Diplomacy, clearly the AI has options the player doesn't have.. why not just implement a classic diplomatic screen?
- The Kingdom and its structure: while it is simple like this, i miss the endgame challange aswell as the scalability in overall. What do i mean by this, lets say you start as a province, it would be lovely if the diffrent titles actually had a meaning. So lets say you want to start as a single province but still be a kingdom, but later you would  like to transform you and your vassals into an empire. With that approach we could have vassals, founded by us with our bloodlines (and though more loyal for example or my even more hatefull?) or our knights, give them lordship, they could have their on armies and thus a truly dynamic map would start existing which would really reflect the "dark age" i think it would be lovely. maybe armies would be more split up and smaller armies would be more common but with more leaders and lords - literally so many possibilities that the development of the families would make the game much more enjoyable lategame. Thus would need the issue with gifting provinces to vassals would need to be resolved, only rarely they'll accept it for like in example edessa clearly would need a second one and thats kinda ridicilous if i'm jerusalem. 

- The Trade. fine for me, don't bring real traderoutes which would be interrupted by rebells (or bandits) its a huge hustle with this vewdistance. Else i'm good though i think player to player trades should be much more stellaris like (trading provinces or provinces for a marriage?)

The Units: I mean i like them what i don't like is that in germany only the teutonic order has teutonic knights. Thats kinda sad, give us a way to recruit each option or at least let us know where we can find each diffrent unit province wise (the royal library isn't helpfull in that regard) - in this regard the game does a terribel job, please improove it. I'm literally forced to spawn as jerusalem since i don't want to spawn as each single country with each possibel race to check the units and i hate the flag of it.

The UI: Some flags are missplaced, the audience options also are terribel from a use point perspective, you klick once wrong and have to reload or live with another easy won unnessecary war - also why a diffrent diplomatic / trade view is needed, Options are terribel, experience klickwise is terribel aswell. 
Then why not let us choose our own flags? i mean i know one part of my family where a german knight family so i really would've loved to use that banner but maybe in he future if you let us "found" our own kingdoms/empires? The desing itself is nice i like it.

The RTS battles: to be frank, they are garbage. i would've dropped them trough development and implemented my mentioned stuff above. Don't invest time unless its a complete remake and i'm sure finacially that not the thing which will bring you more sales. 
If you want real feedback on them let me know i've played these kinda games for over 20k hours so well i could but the three i played it hurt so much i don't actually wan't to even remember it

Towns,Villages,portcities and spawn stuff: it would be nice if a province would spawn at least with a bit less randomness, i mean like hillforts, that would generally make the empire cleaner and easier to access (like grain can grow on so many places like wine i think it shouldn't be completly random but a bit dependent on how it evolves (may give us some research options to like "seed wine" or smth) it kinda dumb forcing us to get more territories bc of those things but then here we would have the issue with "only" 9 knights (tottaly fine by me) which would be solved if you read my kingdom structure part.

Graphics: Port cities are really hard to notice i mean not that it was a issue but it would be so much nice to look at them if they would actually develop. Same things for districts, thats a thing i said also in the humankind betas the districts are so similar its a waste and if you read some reviews it actually a huge thing. so i think it would impact longevity of this game by a huge part if improoved. The cities should grow a bit more not just the walls, some village change a little bit but i think here is a huge lost chance. 

Balancing: one thing which needs a bit balancing are "rebellions" esp. in multiplayer, after a few wars i have like 15 high lvl chars in my prison if i spam them on one buddy of mine he'll crumble and i don't even need to pay much or anything, they even grow by themselfes, thats kinda op, i'm sure you could turtle and win the whole game only by rebellions.

Well i think thats everything, thanks for reading my rumble. Also i would love to develop such a RTS myself but well. May can i do knights of honor 3 as project leader? After all i doubt you find anyone who has played so many strategy games with so much playtime. ;D 

Kindly Ice

Btw. This isn't a negative review i really like the game thus why i wrote this feedback i could write a much bigger essay but i only have a few mins and i doubt that smearing honey on ones mouth helps. 

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