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Tactics of AI's use of general(s)


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The solo charging general that always goes right into my spearmans is in no way anywhere that would benefits the gameplay experience.
No matter what level of enemy the best tactic I can have is to surround and eliminate the general because it would instantly wipe out the enitre army.
In my current playthrough with Castile my strategy is to spam spearmans with 1/2 cav, doesn't matter if i advance or not the solotion would always be, let AI charge into my spearman and flank it with cav, or intercept it with cav and have a unit of spearman to surround it, either way it would end up killing the AI's general with ease and wipe out the army.

I am not saying the general should stay at the back but as the voice line would say his life is valuable, give him some support while attacking or at least not make him circle all the way around try to capture my base witch would never ever succeed and end up killing himself.

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