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  1. What I want from a grand strategy game: In service of player, I don't want games to give handicaps to my opponents. Since it's a single player game, I don't want the game's agents to play their roles for my enjoyment. I want a selfish AI just as me. The player. Giving personalities to AI is good thing but in the end AI shouldn't "live" its role to fullest. It's first priority should always be "alive" Just like any living being. AI personality modifiers should only weight actions of an AI to a degree but shouldn't lead to its demise.
  2. I liked to goods system. But I don't know about chance based system and the cost seem prety high for a little chance.
  3. I hope the world map changes as some scripted events occur or dynamic ones. Farmlands would be removed if sacked too many times, mines getting depleated, new churches appear with the faith accumulation or new towns set up as citties reaching a point to no longer sustain. Maybe Mongols will remove the places as they go by and the player have to rebuild them from scratch? I also would like to know about map modes in future diaries too.
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