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  1. The original had an "adjust speed" button. 1.0 being the "regular speed", the game had an option to go .5 - 8.0 speed I think. If you've played Crusader Kings it's kinda like that.
  2. And I have recently been playing a lot of AoE4 battles and it's been a blast. Let's hope the devs keep their battle system similar to the original KOH which was fun as hell. Change for the sake of change isn't better. Keeping units in formation during battle (aka more like total war not a blob) and a proper flanking system is really all it needs. The beauty of KOH is that its a wonderful mix of Crusader kings and total war battles, simplifying both significantly making it fun and relaxing to play as opposed to something like my effing job. (I'm looking at you CK3)
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