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  1. I agree. There should be like an option "convert this building", could cost piety or money.
  2. I think even the latest start date a bit too early for gunpowder
  3. Just to add I think Coptic Christianity should be in the game, right now it feels very much like KoH1
  4. This is very interesting! Although I have to agree with BC Knight when it comes to paganism. It would be cool to return to old religion but I understand that this would mean adding a lot of religions (and different types of temples) which would feel a bit out of place for a game that is simple. So perhaps in future DLC (perhaps even Judasim and Zoroastrianism)
  5. I too wonder that! It would be neat if one is be able to accept another culture. This should definitely lower the revolt risk of that culture but maybe there should be some disadvantages.
  6. This is great! I think the Columns (the symbol on the shields on the image) symbol should be used for pagan Lithuania and the Knight for Christian Lithuania
  7. That is an interesting question... I think in KoH I there was a way to switch to other faiths (you needed to have province with the faith you want to conver to) but there was no option to switch to paganism. I think it should be an option. Also there should be more pockets of paganism in eastern Europe, not just Lithuania, especially in earlier start dates. At first I thought it would be cool to see different forms of paganism but on the other hand I think it would be maybe too much for a game like KoH II as the only types of paganism are Slavic and Baltic at the time. For Norse I think even a
  8. Also If I saw the game map correctly it seems like Wallachia is already split into 2 provinces which I think is neat. I would like to see Moldavia too perhaps Bessarabia as an eastern part of Moldova (Although I think coastline of Moldavia is already a separate province which is cool too)
  9. It would be cool to restore Roman Empire as Byzantium. Other formable nations could be Romania and united Scandinavia
  10. Well I see you point, but it would be nice if one is able to bring back former allies on the map if they were conquered by an enemy.
  11. I agree and I would like to see Papacy not as a one province but 2 (the Papal land next to Adriatic sea should be another province with perhaps Ravenna as a city)
  12. I like most of your ideas! Especially vassal one! On the topic of that I would like to see an opinion to create a vassal state if one feels like their kingdom is just too big to control and they just don't feel like ruling a kingdom where half of the provinces are of different culture and rebel constantly.
  13. Perhaps Romania could be united by just owning Moldavia and Wallachia and then player can try to take Transilvania and get an event like "Romania restores its glory" or something similar. What do you all think?
  14. I was thinking maybe there could be dynamic name change for province/city names depending on the culture of the country that is in charge of it.
  15. Wow that is big! Although some province shapes are a bit weird to me like Papal States, still this map is splendid! Also it seems like it streches far into atlantic ocean too! Iceland confirmed? I hope so!
  16. Yes that seems like a nice idea!
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