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  1. Over the weekend I listened soundtrack from first game and wanted to check is there a post about music and sounds in new one. Great post. Thanks devs.
  2. @Zerg Thank you, that was quick and thorough answer and explanation. Much obliged. Now I can only wait for the game. I dare to say that I haven't been this hyped for a video game in a long time.
  3. Hello and greetings everyone (especially devs), I am long time fan of Knights of Honor and have been playing it every since it got released. So like everyone else here I got very excited that there will be a sequel. Keep up good work and thank you for continuing this great game. However I have few questions and upfront I apologize if these questions have been asked and answered before. 1. While game itself is my cup of tea, medieval, grand and real-time strategy, yet with the just right amount of "alternate; do-your-own-thing" options and has great difficulty curve and as
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