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  1. I will probably never play a single multiplayer game of KoH2 (I never play strategy games in multiplayer), but I definitely appreciate options for many different starting conditions. Some suggestions I have (if not already implemented) are "shattered world" (no historical kingdoms, just lots of small or even single province kingdoms) option to change culture/religion of a kingdom you choose to play (with option to change culture/religion of provinces) Diplomatic range: it can be immersion-breaking if every lord can interact with every other on the map as if the telephone
  2. I would love to play a realm with the Germanic faith. I know that the earliest starting date is in the 12th century though, so it doesn't make any sense. I still hope you will include a (much) earlier starting date, if not in the initial release then perhaps in a possible expansion.
  3. To be honest, I would have preferred a more detailes religion system, with different Pagan faiths and also Coptic and Ibadi faith. Like Alexis I am a fan and long time player of CKII. But I understand that KoH puts less emphgasis on tis. That being said, I would appreciate any future content that expands religion options and mechanics (DLC?).
  4. To be honest, I will play this game only as singleplayer. I like multiplayer games, but multiplayer in strategy games is not my cup of tea. I like interacting with the game world and shaping it according to my wishes.
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