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  1. Here's a fun challenge; how quickly can you reunite England? Play as Normandy in Early on Hard (no cheats) and go as fast as you can! Hit F11 to show in-game time. I've definitely beaten this faster, but here was my attempt just now to give you something to aim for (49:55 in game was around 15 minutes of real world time). This was a popular challenge on the original black sea studios forum. I think the 'record' was under 20 in-game minutes, but that was over 15 years ago so I could be remembering wrong 🙂
  2. I siege occasionally in early game or if the castle is low on food storage. If they are low on food, the morale quickly drops and occupation is quick and easy. Since the game is fairly easy, sometimes I will siege just for the roll playing aspect.
  3. Name/Handle?: Frankoman Which Country are you from?: USA What kinds of games do you like to play?: Mostly strategy games (RTS and TBS alike), occasionally FPS and RPG as well. I play many 'older' games such as Medieval 2 Total War, the original Stronghold Series, Mount and Blade, CSGO, Skyrim, Fallout 3, and of course Knights of Honor! Bonus Question: Do you have any pets?: I have two bunnies 🐰🐰
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