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  1. When you say total area, do you mean that the mod is intended to stretch outside of Sardinia? Great work anyway!
  2. The "hire mercenary army mechanic" would be solved nicely by allowing kingdoms to negotiate with famous rebels and e.g. pay them to invade a province or leave one's kingdom. I believe this has been suggested elsewhere. Regarding manpower and mercenary camps: I think the camps were a nice feature visually and gameplay wise, but there was never any need to use them because you had more manpower than you could use. If you make manpower more restricted and mercenaries have tick-by-tick upkeep costs, it would be a nice addition and make mercenaries meaningful.
  3. Presumably the knights would dismount BEFORE the battle (i.e. during the deployment phase) and then be unable to mount until after the battle. If we are talking "realism" (which we perhaps should not be in this case) this is what would happen IRL: a knight may have mounted up before the battle or left their horse with their page. However, I am not sure dismounted knights is very good for the gameplay since it gives so much flexibility to a unit. This can of course be compensated through costs and squad size, but it takes away from the strategic choices involved in putting together your army
  4. I am not sure that I see the problem. If you are playing a multiplayer campaign and someone wants to start at a "disadvantage", wether it comes from selecting a small kingdom or something else, that is not something that the game has to enforce. You can always just agree on it if you want there to be a rule. And in KoH(1) you don't have teams. You make alliances and go to war as suits your goals at that time.
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