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  1. Hi Dev Team, Can we attack the trade routes (caravans and ships) with our marshals and if yes, should we get gold or food as a reward ? What is the way to level up the merchant, I mean, only with books or he gain experience by completing missions ? Should we get more gold if a merchant is a governor in bigger cities ? (for example, historicly Constantinople was the greatest trade center in the middle ages) Also, should we get more gold if the city have a water border ? (not only caravans but also ships) And my last question, but i think the most important is about the role
  2. Name/Handle: Gincho Country: Bulgaria Games I like to play: Civilization franchise, Total War series, Rise of Nations, Age of Empires, WC3 and ofc. KoH 😁 (ohh and Football Manager 😇) Pets: No pets at the moment, but my girlfriend wants a hedgehog, we will get one sooner or later i guess.
  3. Hi guys, is there a way I can get a black t-shirt with your logo, just like these in the DevStreams ? 😁
  4. Fav. nation... ofc. Bulgaria, but I also like to play with the vikings nations. @Presley you can always hire 1-2 merchants (or use the king and his family) to balance the inflation. 🤑🤑
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