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  1. Well atleast I did not post this topic because I was impatient, I posted this topic because there was no reponse from them about the game progress status, they announced a date, they couldn't fulfill no probs but say something atleast! Alas they spoke about it, now it's cool! atleast I am content they spoke about it, which they should. I did not exactly mean that the game developers should speak about it leaving the game development, I actually meant for the game production team to speak about this, they owe the responsibility. They did their responsibility, explained their position, progress and also the situation they went by. I think we all should be happy that they took the care to speak on it. Atleast I am happy because I was expecting a comment and I got it. But there are some impatients people still hovering around for quick flash games😀. I may sound a bit similar but I am not among them.
  2. But that doesn't mean that he did not say it. He gave a statement and that is cool, because he showed his responsibility atleast as a game producer team should. If you don't listen to the dev stream then you missed it, it is totally your choice.
  3. Wow! Wonderful! That's Awesome! What the other folks say on this?
  4. We got a response from Brad, the senior producer! Thank you for atleast providing an update with the game delay and explaining the problems and issues! This is what we all wanted to know about. Thank you for the response which was much awaited. Take your time we want the best game!
  5. I know as****e that they will release it once it is done! I think everybody knows that isn't it?? You know what small as***les like you knew about it yesterday. Lol! Poor as***le!
  6. I think your english comprehension skills are poor dude! Delay is not an issue I know delays happen, I run a software firm and I know delays happen, no issues with it but yes the communication is important. The announcement is important that there is a delay due to whatever reasons and we are trying to work on it, this is what we expect them to say it officially as an announcement. The game makers don't care about the delay hence they don't reply to our questions about the next date or the current status. Delays happen, its human but not conveying it is abnormal, because once you go public you owe a responsibility to what you say or announce and if something goes wrong you need to convey the issue and let people know about it officially. This is professional etiquette which a service provider or a product manufacturer follows but I think the game makers are themselves least bothered about it here. And there are some blind as****es roaming around who doesn't know even english properly because they were busy playing games when they were supposed to learn english. No probs I hope they have atleast learned some other language properly, I really hope so.
  7. Yeah, I am not unhappy for not playing a game, I am ofcourse very much eager to play this game but the delay in release did not upset me, I am not saying that delay in launch is something bad or unprofessional. As I already said I run a software firm where I also face delays in our launch. Delay happens, no issues at all. But there is some accountability when you go public with the launch, I mean the delay should be announced officially and whatever you said that plans are getting changed and the game makers are not ready to commit to another date they can't potentially meet, this same thing the game makers should convey that due to global crisis or whatever factors they are unable to meet the planned deadline and hence, the launch will also be delayed and the date of launch is not quite certain at the moment keeping in mind of the work left. They always owe an answer because they have gone public with big announcement and adverstisements and now when people are confused and asking questions they are not answering and keeping quite about it, however casual their product is doesn't matter, I know it is just a game but yes it is also a product that has a value for money, it is not that casual to them, may be for us it's just a game but not for them. It's not the question of me not playing and being disappointed is not the question, it is a question about the game makers of the importance they give to their public relations and behaviour. Me not able to play this game now is not a problem, will get to play other games so never a problem and the delay is not a problem too, not answering the public and keeping quite and paying no heed is a problem ofcourse. I hope I am clear enough of what I wanted to say because it doesn't concern my personal dissapointment of not playing the game because of the delay.
  8. Black Sea Games Don't care about what we think, they just know one thing, once it releases people will buy, they don't care about their actions. They say lies that they respond to the forum, but they never do it.
  9. I did not say that someone owes me anything, I said they as a product seller, owe a responsibility to their potential buyers and their product fans, a concern which every product seller must have to thier potential buyers and product fans. If potential buyers are not important then why do the product seller do marketing and advertisement?? To raise demand and inform about their upcoming or ongoing product, right?? Here the game makers did make a very big announcement that 2020 it is coming, by some reason there was a delay but they don't care to inform the new launch date or month. Delays happen, I am also an owner of a web and software firm and we also have delays in product launch, but if we make public announcement, we have to annouce that we are in delay if something is not on time. This game maker doesn't have that concern. It's not about what I buy, I did not ask for suggestion and I did not ask any help, neither I said I am in a problem, I just commented that the Game Maker is not professional and is least concerned and doesn't care what they say publicly and release statements without any care. I know they will make a good product at the end, no questions about it, but their selling behaviour has a "no care" attitude. This is called pure careless marketing, where you don't care about the buyer but you do care about the product sales. It's nothing to do with what I buy, it is about something unprofessional from the Game makers.
  10. Knights of Honor's official site says that the game will release in 2020, but it's December now and no announcement of the next DevDiary and DevStream. Already the recent DevDiary released a month ago has 3 part series of "Diplomacy", so we have more 2 parts to be released, but no announcement yet, which makes it obvious that there are feeble chances for 2020 release which was previously promised. 2020 Release is false as it seems now. I personally feel that the game developers owe no reponsibility to the game fans as they should have announced the delayed date atleast. The Game's Senior Producer Brad says that they respond to us, but I have not seen any body from the game marketers or makers to give an announcement or reply to the questions asking about the game release or the devdiary release. Knights of Honor II: Sovereign is now becoming a Myth Game. Its more of mythology than history I guess because 2020 release is a myth now. And the developers seem relaxed in the devstream. They know people will wait so they don't owe any responsibility in atleast announcing the delay deadline. I know COVID-19 may have delayed things but the game makers should have announced the new deadline atleast. It's game I know not a thing of such importance but still we will pay money to buy it so however funky it looks it's still a product and hence the product maker should owe a responsibility in announcing the delayed deadline to the potential game buyers or the game fans. I know after reading this content of mine the game makers won't respond but still I have posted it to see the extent of "no care" attitude the game makers have. 2020 A BIG LIE!
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