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  1. So, I really like the direction of the alliances in the way described. Switching sides was possible in real life and it is here as well. I like the idea of it being possible, with enormous penalties to your relations with your former allies. The main question I had was about whether you will maintain from KoH1 the concept that whoever conquers the territory keeps the territory. One of the most frustrating things in other games (such as CK3) is conquering a bunch of land, and then the game forcing you to give it back after you win a war, or worse, give it to an ally and gain nothing fro
  2. 1) How can a merchant be overseas trading and get the mercenaries if he can't trade while leading an army? Does he stop trade and all the trade income lost when I get them? 2) In KoH 1, mercenaries were on the map for any commander to hire given enough gold. Will this still be the case? If so, why have this be a random event for Merchants. Note I'm not opposed to other types of events, just questioning mercenaries specifically. 3) With respect to mercenaries, I see there is a % chance of success. This seems a bit odd, in most games mercenaries are available to the highest bidder,
  3. Yes, the way Stellaris and Crusader Kings 3 do multiplayer makes sense. We will definitely need to have hot join options, especially if people are disconnected or defeated.
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