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  1. Hello, today is officially more than one year has passed since I've asked about system requirements. Many things happened in my life, lost some family members, changed 2 jobs, failed in relationships for more than once and FINALLY bought a car and new PC. Now you can release it guys, sorry for being that long. with best regards, Zoantrophy.
  2. Well, I wanted to find a less painfull way to run it on minimum specs. not a huge gamer to spend "hard earned cash" on fully new PC or gaming netbook, because not that much of a time I have and only few games I playing rarely. will see if I can handle it when KoH2 comes out.
  3. I am just comparing my system to yours and hoping that you aren't serious and this is some kind of sarcasm or irony that I cannot understand. If it's not..well, I don't know what to think anymore xd
  4. CPU - Quad Core Q6600 2.40GHz (can boost it a bit) GPU - GTS 250 1GB (could upgrade it to some GTX 550 ti or smth) RAM - 4GB (motherboard won't support more) and got an SSD for such games. So it's really interesting for me if I would be able to play with this configuration, even if it's needed with bit of boost/gpu upgrade I told above or should I prepare myself and finally build a new, worthy PC xd Thank you for taking a time to answer.
  5. - Hello dear developers, I have a question. Could you tell us a little bit of system requirements to play KoH? - Nah, you're not allowed to know that yet! - *writes bskinti cheat to raise the influence quick* - what the hell, still no - bsswitch - Alright, we could tell some info. but on serious note, I searched forums for it, the search didn't give anything. So here is a question. I know that at current moment you couldn't know for sure and specify exact requirements, but it can be said vaguely? Minumum ones for now, would be need more than 4gb of RAM, 4-thread processors st
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