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  1. Albanien is a Good Island because there are to Religions and the people live in freedom and its a small Country too. The strategy of this cobination is a Good idea because I read in the Dev Diarys 6 i Think about the differnt coulturs and than we caputre maybe as Christian a Islam Kingdom there could be more rebelions as maybe in Albania only a idea what was in my mind my community wish to see like in crusaider please make it possible in Love Albania in Year 1300 --> klick the link https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albania_in_the_Middle_Ages Master Seb
  2. Everybody knows the ottomans era and nobody couldt stop them all balkan Islands were captured by the ottomans only Albania and the King of Albania Gjerjg Kastrioti Skenderbeg stoped the ottomans about many times with an Half troops or less as the ottomans came at least with 100K troops and the Albanians only had 20K troops and won the battle about more than 50K ottomans were killed in the battles and only 10K Albaniens that is awesome and very important for the history of balkan there somebody was to suround and bring Freedom to Balkan. Please there are more about than 15Mil Albaniens around the world and they would love too see this and become a Part of this Game like me I Jones new and wish to be a Part here.
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