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  1. Name/Handle: mammix, in reality Marcin Country: Poland Games I like to play: Mafia: City of Lost Heaven, KoH, Heroes 3, EU2, CK2, Football Manager... I'm now a very causal gamer, don't really have time to play. Pets: cat and 2 budgies @Yavor - my wife is from Ruse! What a small world...
  2. Hello, everyone! mammix here, same as mammix on BSS forum. Good old times :) Back then, I was writing several AARs on the page (thanks to users I learnt that the national drink of Bulgaria is rakija, now I'm actually married to a Bulgarian girl!), I tried to make a story scenario-mod (I still remember the plot!) and I sent Laudan or Elvain medieval Polish maps for the mod one of them was creating. Here's to, hopefully, many new memories!
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