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  1. A promising Dev Dairy! So does this mean the keep (or castle) can be its own entity in a province? I think my next question might go beyond the scope of this Dev Dairy... but will wars work mechanically/politically the same as in KoH1? One apparant issue was that each war between kingdoms was its own separate conflict that are eventually resolved on their own. Take our example France invading Aragorn, say neighboring Castille honors its alliance with France and declares war on Aragorn, will it be part of the 'same' war conflict? If so, could France the
  2. Name/Handle? Leto Which Country are you from? The Netherlands What kinds of games do you like to play? Grand strategy games from Paradox like Crusader Kings 2 and Stellaris. Other games I played a lot include Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Mount & Blade Warband, Dragon Age, Warcraft 3, Stronghold (Crusader) and some Total War games.
  3. Well met everyone! My user ID at the time was "Lord Crackbone" and I wrote 2 AAR's on the Black Sea Studios forum: the Restoration of the Empire (as Germany) and Rise of the Dutch (as Gelre, I think).
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