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  1. I'm rather sure you did actually have the same username in the sunflowers forum. ... I spent way too much time there... Angryminer 😀
  2. It's very nice to see the old community again. Fond memories. Angryminer 😀
  3. I enjoyed watching KoH get build and improve after launch with the community. Fond memories. Also, making the mod Glory of God was a great learning experience. Reverse-engineering the KoH1-map files and writing a (terrible) map creator was one of my first programming projects. I had a lot of fun fiddling with KoH1 and trying out how the pieces worked. Finally, the soundtrack was absolutely fantastic.
  4. Name/Handle: Spielvererber, formerly known as Angryminer in the KoH1 & Worldshift Community Country: Germany Games: Grand strategy, or racing games Pets: None
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