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  1. I fell in love with that game because it has a simple mechanic which obviously not so hard to understand. As you appear in that world you don't have any goals and you just invent them by yourself and after some time you like that and find it very interesting. Maybe that's actually one of the reason why not so much people know and liked about that game as they probably thought there's nothing to do,just in my opinion. I liked that atmosphere which is fullfilled with a beautiful music and sounds. It's always that relax music with you when you check the political map,make trade agreemen
  2. Hi, I was wondering if you guys are going to add a DLC to KoH 2,as it would be so cool.For example,just my thoughts,some new scenarios about something or a new decades and ages where you'd be able to play during reformation time. I'm wondering about that as it seemed to me that KoH was big and various in gameplay but it didn't have some things as expansions to the game.Or KoH 2 will be so massive that it won't need any DLC? Thanks and sorry if I made any mistakes, TALOS
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