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  1. I'm not saying we need gunpowder. We should not and it is fine. But if they are adding fancy rare very very location specific things I'd rather have first cannons than an elephant. Mostly because I can see how a cannon is essentially an artillery like a good catapult or a trebuchet, but an elephant is what? Uber slow cavalry? Battering ram? It is not close to any other unit type.
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  2. I hope they fix the issue as well. I hope the crusader states and playable or at least can be created and play as them.
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  3. In the first game crusade states did exist and they were able to be created. Although crusader states created during gameplay were not playable unless one uses cheat "bsswitch" (This also applies to Papacy which is unplayable). However the biggest problem with KoH I new crusader states is if they were founded on a province of different religion than Catholicism they will be that religion. So for example if Crusade conquered some Pagan province the new state will be Pagan both by population AND government. I hope in KOH II they will fix this and make government of the newly created stat
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  4. I too have to agree I would rather see gunpowder than elephants.
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