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  1. Hey Yavor, Yannick and I are ok. Fortunately we both don't live in the affected parts of Germany. 🙂 Have a great summer! Robin
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  2. I don't think this is the best approach as doing this may end up with some culture/religious groups having the feel that they are neglected or misrepresented. For me this sounds too broad and creates the the issue mentioned above. Even though the term "Pagan" might be correct from the eyes of a Christian medieval nation, from the perspective of the pagan is not, because the pagans are too different from each other in their beliefs, rituals, the gods they worship, etc. With that said, I can't agree with this: I would find this very repetitive and XP similar t
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  3. Hello friends and welcome to the 20th DevDiary for “Knights of Honor II: Sovereign”! Today we will start talking about religion, going through all key points of the feature and the common gameplay options it presents to all kingdoms. Though this is not one of the central elements of the game, it still plays a big importance and different religions offer quite a few unique elements, thus leading to unique strengths and strategies the players can explore. So, starting with the basics, we have 3 different religious “families” – Christianity, Islam and Paganism. Christianity has a subdivision t
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  4. Here's another poem by me. It is in Bulgarian, sorry I have no intention of translating it. If there are Bulgarians in the forums, or perhaps the Devs, I would love to hear what you think! Синът на Тангра Минало величие и стара слава За победни битки в древни дни И до днес не пада във забрава А оставя знак сред вековните ни съдбини Тъй роди се той, Ювиги Тъй израсна с бистър ум Сред шума на гръм небесен И го кръсти Тангра – Крум И създаде в този хаос ред Със закони писани за всеки И изкорени пороците навред
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  5. I'll have to reserve comments until you get deeper into religion. There is simply not enough information to make any kind of judgment on the system. I personally like to see religion in the game. I'd like to see more of it, in terms of how it can affect things. It can be its own side game, ala Civilization VI. But I can see how you want to keep it relative to how it was in the original KoH.
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  6. I would like to have it in Bulgarian and I would love to include it in the story that I am writing. So I am not disappointed but mostly delighted. :)
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