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  • Doors Opening to the new Knights of Honor II: Sovereign Community!


    Welcome to the new home for the Knights of Honor community!

    We've been hard at working setting up this community hub where we can come together and chat about all things Knights of Honor. This is where we'll be posting regular DevDiaries about the game, giving you insights into the development process and exclusive first looks into the specifics of Knights of Honor II: Sovereign. 

    We also want this to be YOUR community, a place where you can discuss everything from games to history. We know that KoH fans are a passionate group of people and we're eager to join in on the conversation. 

    So settle in and get to know each other. Be good to one another, engage in enlightening conversation, and help us create the best game we possibly can. Gaming communities are special, and we can't wait to see how this one comes together!

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    o my Lord :D i was dreaming about KoH II years and years :) ive spend houndreds of hours on koh , i've just bored and watched some incoming games 2020 and first i got the screnshots and i was wait wiat wait i know this view lol and later on the end they confirmed my hope its KOH II :D U just made my day :) Happy easters to everyone :) can't wait :) Thank You 


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    Здравейте! Пиша първо на български, понеже знам, че фирмата създател на играта(Black Sea Studios) и самата игра, са български. Много се радвам, че скоро ще излезне втората версия

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    Здравейте! Пиша първо на български, понеже знам, че фирмата създател на играта (Black Sea Studios) и самата игра, са български. Много се радвам, че скоро ще излезне втората версия на една изключително интересна средновековна българска игра: Knights of Honor. Откакто я играя, все съм чувал по нещо за втората версия на играта, но така и не знаех кога ще излезе. Засега излизат все новини, че ще излезе по някое време през 2020 г., но няма обявена дата. Ще ми се колкото се може по-рано да излезе, за да може да и се насладим повече. Ако все още Ви е трудно да пуснете играта, може да направите демо версия, в която ние да можем да разгледаме (най-малко) Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign. Надявам се да не съм единственият, който иска тази игра вече да съществува и ,разбира се, да я играе. Благодаря Ви! Съберете колкото се може повече фенове!

    Now in English: Hello! I'm writing first in Bulgarian, because I know that the firm creator of this game(Black Sea Studios) and the game itself are Bulgarian. I'm very glad to hear that the second part of one exceptional interesting Medieval Bulgarian game:Knights of Honor - will come out soon. Since I am playing this game, I have always heard something about the second version of it, but I have never known when it would be released. For now, there are only news, that the game will be released in 2020 year, but there is no appointed date. I wish as soon as possible to come out so we can enjoy it more. If it is too difficult to You to release the game, You can do a demo version, in which we can view (at least) Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign. I hope I'm not the only one, who want that game to exist already and, of course, to play it. Thank You! Get as most fans as You can!

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    Hey it's no problem, all of the dev diaries are on YouTube so you can watch 'em all. From what we've learned so far, it seems some of the more minor details are going to be far more complex - like rebellions and immigration.

    I no longer need Medieval 3 Total War to scratch my medieval grand strategy itch <3

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    Since KoH I was in a gaming magazine in my childhood I played it for an unfathomable amount of time then I grew up and obviously lost the cd and bought it over steam twice already (I am a champ in loosing stuff) so I checked quiet frequently for KoH II and first heard of it pretty early (I believe over twitter) and there was barely anything shown I am glad the game is progressing and to see the community somewhat active

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