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Freezes during battle briefing

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It is also worth noting that i have 8GB memory in my laptop and i see that memory usage is really close to 100% all the time, i'm not sure if this causes the issue. I load the game, the first battle is usuaaly ok, the next one is prone to freezing. I'm playing on max settings except ray tracing that is set to low.

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Ok, now this freeze happens all the time and it is getting annoying. What i found is that the freeze happens only if i already played 15-20 mins, then I enter combat by selecting "i'll lead"

If i played a bit before battle then the freeze is guaranteed.

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Ram usage is at 64% right now, i'm on the campaign map. It crashed again, memory usage is 3.458 MB right now in crashed state. It never went above 94% usage while loading the battle and while showing the battle. I can see UnityCrashHandler64 as a process attached to the main Sovereign one.

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