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Registering Knight of Honor on Steam


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15 hours ago, ÆternaTristitia said:

I don't think that It's possible for you to swap your game from physical CD to the virtual Steam platform. I've never even heard of such a feature before.

Oh yes, you can do that.  If you imput your CD key in, you can play the game on Steam.

I have Medieval II: Total War working that way.

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You can get KoH for 2,49 euro on steam right now. 😉

Otherwise, steam has the option to add games to your library without key, but which are installed on your PC. It's where you can enter the CD key. There is an option to add a non-steam game to your library. It will let you search your hard drive for files. There you can add an installed game to your library. But I don't know if it will let you then download the digital version. So, not sure if this helps you.

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On 6/26/2020 at 7:28 PM, Lighthope said:

Yes, it will. Again, M2:TW.

OK, I got a little bit hooked and did a search. What I was talking about was adding a non-steam game.  Below is a guide for how to do that. However, it might not help you. It only adds the game to your library, but doesn't necessarily register it on steam. Maybe (!), if you are lucky , steam might recognise it as a steam game and it will allow you to download the digital version. Let me know if that works.


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