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The Importance of Battle Frequency- Avoid Total war's Mistake

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One thing I always hated about Total war is there were way to many battles. After about 30 turns it became a choir and I would just auto resolve 95% of them. Further because armies could be created so fast battles really did not matter so long as your economy/industry was strong. You could lose multiple battles with no real impact on your realm. 


I hope KOH2 does not make the same mistake. Make battles fewer but more important. 

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Well, it is much deeper problem. It is not just amount of battles, it is about fine balance between too hard and too easy. If you just reduce number of battles, an outcome of one or two battles would be too great and will practically end a game one way or another. In a single player this would force players to reload a saved game, instead of trying to endure. But most of the time games tend to make it too easy for a player, so it is very hard not to win, but it is covered with making same repeating time consuming mechanics run over and over again, like TW battles which you can't really lose or even care to lose. 

Moreover, there is more interesting issue arising from this - how much a direct player control in a battle should be a winning factor compared to an auto resolve. Obviously you can make AI so good (even through just plain instant reaction and exact math AI can do in a blink of an eye) that player will be always too late to react in a direct control battle. But this will be too hard and no one would even play RTS battles. On the other hand, if AI is obviously too weak in RTS there will be a clear advantage to lead in a battle instead of autoresolve, which would force players to play more RTS battles just to make sure they are winning instead of waiting for auto resolve to lose.

As it appears to me, KoH2 is aimed to be very casual game in terms of average player experience, such that you won't be loosing too much too fast too hard to an AI. But given the size of the map and general grand strategy setting, I'm afraid there will be a lot of battles you will not care about and a lot of routine combat you will set on autoresolve. In fact I'm quite sure that the whole game design for KoH2 runs with an assumption that all battles are autoresolved and only in a single player you can lead a battle in a direct control as an exception, mostly as an eye candy mini-subgame kind of mechanics.



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