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Please comment that we want war elephants!!!

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Please comment, let us be a voice for those who cannot speak among us, those being the poor, downtrodden, left out, war elephants. They cannot speak for themselves, but if they could they would say, "include us, bring us into the game, let us trample the enemy underfoot for you my lord and let us skewer the foes on our mighty tusks for you my liege". Please #bringtheelephants

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On 9/6/2021 at 1:57 PM, Yavor said:

Not in medieval times, though!

False, they were used but usually as moral boost or to strike fear into the enemy, because they are not native to Europe and because they could not feed them much during the invasion of foreing lands. But in a game like this you sometimes need to take into the consideration fun game mechanic vs. historical fact.

And let be honest, war elephants would fun as heck 🙂 mby limit them to 1-2 per army and make the army that use them kinda slow and they should consume a lot of food to balance them in a game..

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