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I think about the map. In the last video of the defs i saw the part of the map Knights of Honor 2.  I take the map of my mod Orient and Occident and place the part of the map Knights of Honor 2 inside. I think the map file is same the map file in Knights of Honor 1792 x 1792.  I hope we will see soon the map.   https://www.facebook.com/GrafLaudan/photos/pcb.785518975434371/785517222101213/?__cft__[0]=AZWCGQ8BPWwWG0j_MYdh9Fm6dpy-I1gkaElbXZnWLZ5kfi6RiqXzRFENIMufPaBmG_zmfd6NW3AYNsYjRt6VklqpZ5evlFk2suV9JVQ4oRjIKpYZgi8tctKekua3p-kcPvi0TOP4_E0wgIPfSbtqunBDZnMPF4C2IXsbQKUBwf1Xcw&__tn__=*bH-R

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I don't understand your point a lot, but I also asked this question a few months ago, probably the time has not come to reveal that. From my observations looks like is stretched from Morocco to Iran and goes as south as Ethiopia

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Wow that is big! Although some province shapes are a bit weird to me like Papal States, still this map is splendid! Also it seems like it streches far into atlantic ocean too! Iceland confirmed? I hope so! 

On 6/24/2021 at 11:53 PM, BC Knight said:



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