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DevDiary 18 - Spies and Espionage


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The ideas sound great. Having spies me more active like every other roles makes a lot of sense.

Still, I didn't quite understand. Will there still be an option to have spies as court member?

Since I played a of spies and have played a whole campaign trying to get everything through espionage I would be interested in knowing if there is a more active way to become the ruler of a country through espionage.

In KoH I it was quite boring just waiting for your spy to get hired into the opponent's court, preferable as spy, and slowly but surely carving your way through the ranks.

This could be helped for example through an special spy class called "Assassin" that can take out specific court members out.

Counter espionage might be the one thing that should become more difficult the more you use spies to balance out the strength of spies. Maybe having a very high price for spies but also increasing the change of a double cross the more spies your have in your court.

Spies in KoH was very fun but felt a little bit underdeveloped and overpowered at the same time. Being able to completely take over a country without a single battle is amazing.

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