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DevDiary 16 - Prestige, Great Powers, Emperor of the World


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7 hours ago, Calliope said:

Obviously, the game isn't released yet, and we're already projecting our thoughts on something we barely know...

Let's not forget whatever the thoughts we have, they are to be helpful for the game developpers.

I am working on the assumption that our comments on princesses had a direct effect on how they were reworked in KoH2.

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18 hours ago, BC Knight said:

from DD 14 On the image the title starts with Rep - Republic of Venice



Based on "Recent Events" it appears that "we" declared war on Papacy, exiled a priest who was against war on Papacy and then "liberated" Rome presumably from the previous Pope. After that with our Pope installed we suddenly started following the path of Christianity and all our clergy gets a boost of income selling new indulgencies. All this I think it amazingly historically accurate.

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