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Will there be a nomad city type?


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I have a question that I would like to ask the developers. Sorry to bother you, but i am a huge fan of the game and a historian by trade, so i am curios about something. From the screenshots i noticed that, like in the previous game, the cities will have a different view (on the game map and during battles) thanks to the different cultural background (for example, the cities in western Europe, will differ from the ones in Byzantium or the Muslim territories. ). I think that this is awesome and just would like to ask, whether you will make a design for a “nomad settlement”. With yurts as a main (but not only) house, and a wooden (and then stone) fortification. I just think that this will make the game very realistic and the gaming experience, playing against or with nomadic nation (Khazars, Mongols, Pecheneg, Seldkuk Turks and to a some point – Bulgars) will be unforgettable. Anyway, again, I am a big fan, and will most definitely buy the game, as soon as it is released 

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Well not exactly "a tent city". The bulgars for example (but not only) builded settlments with wooden fortifications and with wooden houses combined with yurts. The mager settlements had however masive stone structures including fortifications, but the common houses were still wooden and in some, yurts were still present. Thanks to the bulgars and alans, this tipe of "nomad cities" were builded in the Khazar haganete. And later, could have been seen true out the mongol empire. I think that this type of culturaly accurate settlements will be perfect for all european nomads - Volga Bulgars, Early Dunabe Bulgars, Khazars, Early Madjar, Pecheneg, Cuman, Mongol ant etc. And this will make the game outstanding 🙂 

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In the early stages, when the settlement is undevoluped it could look lice a common nomad "camp", meinly yurts and a few wooden housed, then the wooden structures and fortifications wood appear, and later the city will have stone fortification and stone castle-type structures. (The Bulgars used massive stone blocks for such constructions, but the mongols used bricks as well). The castles could be wooden forts and small stone fortresses (with inner  yard surrounded by the main buildings, which uses the outer wall for their back wall). 

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