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What about DLC?

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I was wondering if you guys are going to add a DLC to KoH 2,as it would be so cool.For example,just my thoughts,some new scenarios about something or a new decades and ages where you'd be able to play during reformation time.

I'm wondering about that as it seemed to me that KoH was big and various in gameplay but it didn't have some things as expansions to the game.Or KoH 2 will be so massive that it won't need any DLC?

Thanks and sorry if I made any mistakes,


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I would love to have specialized kingdom specific unit types, added for the sake of variety. I know that there are some of these planned in the original game, still I believe that it would be a nice touch to add more and more of the famous and fabled warriors from all over Europe. Swiss guard for the Papal States, Boils or Voevodi for Serbia, Chigots for Bulgaria, Zhupans for the Slavic states, all that I can think of right now, sorry! Just for the sake of variety, which the original game didn't manage to cover. This could be done in a DLC, perhaps.

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9 hours ago, Yavor said:

This could be done in a DLC, perhaps.

And why not do it in the base game?


If functionality becomes part of DLCs then the base game becomes less and less complete, paradox does that and gets a lot of hate for it.

Healthy DLC policy would be only having cosmetics/music in DLC and keeping game equally functional for everyone who owns it.

And besides, why are we talking about DLCs when game is still rather far from release?

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3 hours ago, Field Marshal said:

Healthy DLC policy would be only having cosmetics/music in DLC

DLC needs more than that to justify paying money for it.  We're talking new maps, new units, new rules, etc.

So, you know what, I may change my mind on specialized units.  I could accept them in a DLC IF that DLC came with a lot of other stuff.  If a DLC only had specialized units, that would be a No Sale for me.

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Idunno, things that change the game I feel should be kept as updates. DLCs should really be things that dont change the mechanics of the game. (W.e) that is. I see DLCs as a money grab by companies who see how to improve on their game but dont want to roll it out as an update for free, and instead charge a fee for it.. Basically this is the model for EU4. I get that the company wants to make money, but I suggest there are better was then DLCs (that change mechanics). DLCs ruin games for many people.   

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