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Favourite nation in KOH1

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Still enjoy the original game a lot. Favorite; Jerusalem or Cyprus at Hard. Surrounded by enemies and weak. But also Golden Hordes because of Paganism and no tribute paid from faith, and Sicily as Muslim nation and in constant Jihad.

In the very original game, it was possible to conquer all without military force. I did it with 9 spies at the end... Very different game play. And the "hidden" actions those spies end up with, as they were hired as different things and even promoted to Kings and Popes. Just loved it. Then some re-balancing happened around the time the game came to Steam, and "Spies-only on Hard" is no longer playable.


Can't wait for the new game, and experiment with non-obvious strategies.

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On 11/21/2019 at 7:03 PM, Alexis said:

My favourite nation to play... Of course Epirus. Coz of the flag colour(Todays Greek colours) and the orthodox relegion.

Epirus is one of my favorites too. I am historian and absolutely love Byzantine history. I take Epirus, do reconquista, reunite Byzantia + I have patriarch, which is not possible when playing with Byzantia/Nicaea.

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On 11/21/2019 at 6:10 PM, Battousai said:

 Favorite nation for me is Golden Horde. Those steppe and mongolian cavalry was too op 😋 

When I play Golden Horde, I usually like to convert to orthodox religion as soon as conquer first orthodox city nearby. It is much more interesting that way, you have a patriarch, he is getting old, then u pick a new one...

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Besides Epirus, I love playing with Teutonic Order and Palatinate (and retake provinces which are neccessary in order to reunite Holy Roman Empire).

When I play catholic kingdom, I like having Pope in my Royal court, just for fun. Papacy should maybe have more teritories arround Rome.

Promoting clerics to bishops, before them becoming Popes would be awesome.

I like religion interfering politics.

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Любимата ми нация са българите (основно защото съм българин :) ), а ако играя най-късния период (1350 г., когато България е разделена на три области - Бдин (дн. Видин), Търново и Добруджа), играя с някоя от трите. Основно играя този късен период на най-високата трудност. Най-любимо ми е, когато обединя България и получа 17000 пари, които ги губя от високата инфлация. :) Иначе обичам да играя и с нациите, които имат стрелци - било то славянски, било то тежки, било то с арбалети, но особено обичам тези с конни стрелци - всякакви видове (казаците и българите например). 

Мога ли да предложа нещо: да направите групите от войници да получат някакво специално умение, след като вдигнат максимално ниво. Не знам дали Сте го мислили, но на мен лично ми звучи готино! Нека все пак и другите да си кажат мнението.

Now in English: My favorite nation is Bulgaria (mainly because I am Bulgarian :) ), but if I play the latest period (1350 y., when Bulgaria is divided into 3 regions - Bdin (present Vidin), Turnovo and Dobrudja), I play with one of them. Mainly I play during this late period on the highest difficulty. My favourite is when I reunite Bulgaria and receive 17000 gold, which I lose in case of high inflation. :) Otherwise I like playing nations with archers - either with Slavic ones, or heavy ones, or with crossbows, but I really like these nations, who have horse archers - all kinds (Kazakhs or Bulgarians for example).

Can I suggest something: to make squads of troops to gain special ability after they reach maximum level. I don't know if You have thought that, but for me personally it sounds cool! Although let the others say their opinion.

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My personal favorite has always been the Highlands.

Loved how they start with easy to get Swordsmen, usually restarted the game until I lucked into having a Swordsmith 😇

The positioning on the Isles was also nice to build strength through War, Intrigue and Marriage, before going on to conquering the rest of Europe.

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