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Hello Zdenek 🙂 I´m Pavel and I´m from CR too 😄 I love KOH like you and played some mods from you i think 🙂 

Name/Handle: frujin (Game Director and Lead Designer of Knights of Honor(s) - the old one, and the new), my real name is hard to pronounce even by myself, but it's easy to find in the net if you are _

Name/Handle: THQN Brad (Senior Producer on Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign) Country: United States Games I like to play: Wow, I play so many different types of games. I'm a huge strategy f

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  • Name/Handle: Milos
  • Country: USA/Serbia 
  • Games I like to play: Out of many games I played, Mount&Blade, KoH, and Age of Empires I and II are my favs. I am currently playing Bannerlord, as much as my PC allows me. I didn't know that KoH2 is coming out, I discovered it accidentally, and I can't wait to have it.  
  • Pets: No pets, but I am growing Jalapeno pepers and Rosemary 🙂
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  1. Name/Handle: Presley;
  2. Country: Bulgaria;
  3. Games I like to play: Mostly RTS games: Knights of Honor (the most attractive Bulgarian game for me), Tzar: The Burden of the Crown (also Bulgarian game), Starcraft 1&2, Warcraft 3, Stronghold Crusaders, Master of Orion 1&2; other games: Heroes of Might and Magic 3&4, Diablo 2, Civilization 1&3&5;
  4. Pets: none.
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Name:  Perris

Country:  USA

Games I like to play:  Medieval 2:Total War - MANY Mods; Knights of Honor; Crusader Kings 2; Wargaming with miniatures in Early Medieval and Crusades Era, ACW, and the Franco Prussian War of 1870; I also sculpt and paint military miniatures in 15mm and 28mm scales.

Pet:  one dog named Honey

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Name: Tito Lívio
Country: Brazil
Games: Age of Empires 2, Medieval: Total War, Civilization VI, Crusader Kings II, Europa Universalis IV, Hearts of Iron IV, XIII Century, Men of War series, Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic, Tropico 5, War Selection, Mount & Blade: Warband, With Fire and Sword, and of course: Knights of Honor.
Pet: a dog named 'Nina' and a cat named 'Sushi'
Favorite Civilizations: Byzantine Empire, Kievan Rus and/or anything Slavic / Orthodox / Eastern faction 🙂 

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Hi everyone, 

Hi Dmitry - love your answers and this is the funniest cat 😄

- Name: Martin 
- Country: Bulgaria (aka slav paradise)
- Games: Most played game is def. KOH. Now I am playing W3 Reforged as well, heroes of the storm sometimes, Assassin's Creed Odyssey but it is too long and I am a working person 😞 But for KOH2 I am taking some vacation days 😄
- Pets: Yea, I have a 50kg Rhodesian Ridgeback grandpa dog. Otherwise, when I play KOH, Byzantium is my pet 😄

Best wishes to all! 


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Hi guys,

I am Fafan. I live in Czech Republic, but I am from Germany originally.

I played a so many games. I don't even remember all. I played KoH, but I don't remember much. Only the "Leaving so soon, sire?" at 7am, when I suddenly realized the sun has risen and I wanted to go to bed 5/6 hours ago. Otherwise: Total War franchise (in love with Warhammer 2 currently), C&C franchise (worshipping the remaster right now), Assassins Creed franchise, Skyrim (probably the most), Oblivion, ESO, Stellaris, Diablo franchise, Call of Duty franchise, Age of Empires franchise (including Age of Mythology), Cossacks franchise, Far Cry franchise, Mount and Blade: Bannerlord, LOTR: Battle for Middleearth 1+2, Company of Heroes, ... and some more which I don't remember right now or don't find worth mentioning, because I played them only shortly.

No Pets.

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  • Name/Handle: Æterna Tristitia (lit. Eternal Sorrow)
  • Country: I'd rather remain anonymous.
  • Games I'd like to play: I only play Roleplaying Games and Strategy games. To tell you the truth, I'm excited beyond measure for Knights of Honor II because it was actually one of the first computer games I've ever played.
  • Pets: I used to have a lovely Parrot 15 years ago, I liked her very much and she had a peaceful life but she just got too old and passed away. Ever since her death, I didn't really have much time for another pet.
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Hello there! I'm "Bora"a KOH fan from Germany. I was with a group of invited Community members of the first KOH, that could "Beta Test" it (back then with Sunflowers as the games Publisher). So of course I am on board with Knights of Honor 2

Regarding games and other interests: I like different games (RPGs also JRPGs, Economy Simulations, "build up" games Flight Sims, sometimes also Sport games), but of course also RTS. The Medieval is one of my favourit settings, so of course Knights of Honor and Knights of Honor 2 get my attention.

Pets: I don't have any, but I like cats and dogs and normaly they also like me.

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On 9/23/2019 at 8:10 PM, THQN Brad said:
  • Name/Handle: THQN Brad (Senior Producer on Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign)
  • Country: United States
  • Games I like to play: Wow, I play so many different types of games. I'm a huge strategy fan, from 4x like the Civilization franchise to RTS games like Homeworld. I play shooters, racers, RPGs, MMOs...honestly, I try to play a bit of everything. Currently I've been back in No Man's Sky, as the latest update has been pretty fun, and dying over and over again in Crying Suns. Next on my list is to dive deeper into Total War: Three Kingdoms, which has been on my list since release but haven't spent much time with it yet. 
  • Pets: We have a pet rabbit, she's pretty awesome!

 Hey Brad! Since you grown your Coronabeard you look like a marshal from KOH. BSG should make your avatar and add you in KOH2. 🙂

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Name:Ahmet                                                               Country:Turkey                                                       Games:i love strategic historical games...already i opened so imortant topics in this community..example:islamic kingdoms and Turkish language topics...i am ready share my ideas always..

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  • Name/Handle: Gincho
  • Country: Bulgaria
  • Games I like to play: Civilization franchise, Total War series, Rise of Nations, Age of Empires, WC3 and ofc. KoH 😁 (ohh and Football Manager 😇)
  • Pets: No pets at the moment, but my girlfriend wants a hedgehog, we will get one sooner or later i guess.
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  • Name/Handle: Vlad Dracul, the Teutonic Paladin of Transylvania
  • Country: România, ofc
  • Games I like to play: In the last serious years I didn't have enough time to play as much as I used to do when I was young, but I'm lookin' forward for the release of the new Knights of Honor, I hope it'll be a good game. The games I used to love (and still do) are Age of Empires II: The Conquerors, World of Warcraft, Heroes of Might and Magic III, Medieval II Total War, Caesar III and obviously the original Knights of Honor.
  • Pets: Unfortunatelly none, but I love Golden Retrievers and Yellow Labs
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  • Name/Handle: Keyvan (English teacher)
  • Country: Iran
  • Games I like to play: I've been playing KoH since I was 13, but I'm not actually a gamer, more of a bookworm, specially the recent year, since I'm working on my MA thesis (on Cyberpunk Literature), yet eagerly looking forward for KoH 2 to release. I hope I'm done with my thesis while the game is out  😄.  KoH has always been a refuge from bad feelings, so I can never thank you guys enough for the game and all the good memories during these years.
  • Pets: 2 Persian dogs.
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  • Name/Handle: Antoniy/WestAnt
  • Country: Bulgaria
  • Games I like to play:  So many and so few in the same time. Played some shooters, racers, RTS. Currently prefer Board Games. In the last 2 years I rediscovered my passion for History and I have played some history related games like Civilization V and VI, Company of Heroes and I have returned to the Original KoH to try once again some of the exploits that I found so very interesting back in the day - I can tell you that they are just as satisfying today also. Though my favourite game is still DotA 2, I have never been more excited about a game release than I am for Soverign. Can't wait to play it!
Edited by WestAnt
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  • Name/Handle?
    • Carl Lucas. Pretty simple. You should check me out on YT. I know, shameless.
  • Which Country are you from?
    • Germany but originally from Brazil
  • What kinds of games do you like to play?
    • Everything, mostly indie games. I literally have no preference. I range from 2d Platformers, Rogue-Lites, Sidescroles, FPSs and of course some Grand Strategy.
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  • Name/Handle?: Frankoman
  • Which Country are you from?: USA
  • What kinds of games do you like to play?: Mostly strategy games (RTS and TBS alike), occasionally FPS and RPG as well. I play many 'older' games such as Medieval 2 Total War, the original Stronghold Series, Mount and Blade, CSGO, Skyrim, Fallout 3, and of course Knights of Honor!
  • Bonus Question: Do you have any pets?: I have two bunnies 🐰🐰
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everything listed as example reflects my own experience and perspective on things, these can vary depending on all possible things and there is obviously exceptions but the examples mentioned might for many be fun and super easy while for me being tasking and stressful

  • Name/Handle: volkayno
  • World: not disclosed
  • Games: everything that is easy to get into
  • Pets: Skeleton Soldier


easy to get into (I like playing

Space Rangers 2

Knights of Honor

Counter Strike Global Offensive



Mount and Blade


Dragon Age


Genshin Impact

Orc Dungeon (android)

Mobile Legends (android)

hard to get into (I don't like playing)

The Witcher



Escape from Tarkov

Hearts of iron IV

Crusader Kings III

Total War



I hate games with addictive concepts where you do the same thing over and over without depth (even tho9ught they get me from time to time) they make me feel like I am wasting time (I don't count competitive games since that is about competition) to give an example I recently tried out powerwash simulator.


About my self

the past few years I have not been too well in multiple aspects and I feel like a mess but nevertheless I started studying and keep going, regarding gaming I kind of lose the touch to it compared to prior my 3,5~ years without proper internet and feel like wasting my time no matter what I do I feel like I can not comfortably enjoy life at this stage.

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  • Name/Handle? Riccardo
  • Which Country are you from? Italy
  • What kinds of games do you like to play? Age of Empires, Knights of Honor 1, Med2 Total War + Third Age Total War, World of Warcraft, Rome 2 Total War, Attila Total War, War Thunder, World of Warcraft Online.
  • Bonus Question: Do you have any pets? Cats and Dragons
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